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Hi Marc,

Carla and I wanted to formerly thank you.  After working with you to
buy the condo 5 years ago, we looked forward to working together again
to sell the condo and buy a new home.  A price can't be put on the
pleasure and convenience it is to work with you at Deerfield.  It was
a seamless process and the "same day" closing on the sale and the
purchase went smoother than we could have imagined.  Your patience
with us was also key in finding the right home, as we looked at places
all over from Holliston to Shirley and even Southern NH.  Thanks again
Marc and have a great rest of the summer.

Ron & Carla
2 Walden Dr #2

Hi Marc,

I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you did for me and Dan.  It was a pleasure working with you, and you put in a lot of time and effort negotiating the sale of our condo and the purchase of our house.  We are so thrilled with the house.  It is perfect for us.  We are still trying to get somewhat settled and get some boxes unpacked!

You did an excellent job for us and we appreciate it.  We also felt you also went above and beyond by offering to check on Teddy in the beginning to see if there were any accidents!  I'm glad you never actually had to deal with one.  :)

So, thank you!  Good luck with everything!

3 Thoreau Ct. Natick

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